Feeding the fire

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Why the change of concept?

We have run Relish for 11 years this August and like a lot of families have juggled family, friends and business and admittedly dropped the odd ball!!

This year we took our children on a canal boat holiday and whilst walking the dog on the tow path I looked across at the boat cruising at a steady, relaxing speed of 3mph, I glanced up at the M6 to the right and realised that the speed of the motorway is a regular experience we have, trying to get somewhere as fast as we can, racing to achieve as much as we can and potentially putting our health and relationships at risk.

A wonderful ten days was spent on the black country ring with no TV, limited WIFI and lots of time, time we could spend at the table with our children. Breakfast, lunch and dinner together had been a rarity, we were able to chat, share and enjoy meals together. So it was decided we wanted to create a dining experience which would reintroduce time at the table with friends and family, a relaxed and sociable environment where sharing conversation was as important as sharing a table, where chatting about our day would not affect the dishes, where good food could be prepared, cooked and presented without froths and foams and complicated chef jargon just great flavours.

The outdoor kitchen was built to break down the wall between Jeremy, his chefs and the customers, where everyone could feel involved with dinner, chat about dishes, how they are prepared and cooked and how the typical British BBQ is evolving from burnt on the outside and raw in the middle to wonderful fresh, seasonal produce being cooked with time, care and charcoal. Of course British weather doesn’t always allow al fresco dining so you can choose to where to sit whether its indoors, in our covered outdoor dining room, at the chef’s outdoor taster bar for a real theatre experience or if we are lucky enough on the patio in the sun!!

Our new menu style will see dishes being cooked to order and bought round to the table, you can choose to have the dish or pass and await the next course or you may decide to share dishes so being able to put together your very own feast. If you just want a couple of dishes whilst enjoying a drink in the bar, that’s ok too as we bring the dishes around just pick a couple.

Our menu changes on the first Wednesday of every month and we will be cooking all year round outside over charcoal so whether its asparagus in May, strawberries in July, pumpkin in October or turkey in December check out our charcoal menu changing throughout the year So please come and see us.

Feeding Fire – Friends – Family

Most importantly relax and eat like no one is watching

Your senses


Read the menu but no need to select you will be feasting together from all of the dishes on this month’s menu

Pop outside and see some of the dishes being cooked in our new, rustic, outdoor kitchen over wood fed stoves, ovens and pits.


The lively chat between friends and families as conversation is enhanced by the arrival of the feast.

The knowledge of the staff as they enthuse on how the dishes have been prepared

The crackling fires outside and of course the involvement of fire enthusiasts


Smokey, basted, marinated, steamed or griddled over fire, some with 12 hours of attention so the dishes ooze flavour

This menu will hopefully introduce to methods and tastes you may not have tried before


Wonderful aromas; whether from the smoke from the fire, the steam from the dishes or the marinades and sauces, this can all be experienced as the wood fuelled ovens become a theatre for your feast


Really enjoy your feast – pass the dishes around your table, use your hands to dip and mop the wonderful flavours from your plate – eat like no one is watching!

Pizza on Sunday

From 5pm

All Pizzas £8.00 each

Sides and desserts available too

All cooked in norfolks only outdoor wood fired double opening pizza oven

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